Rick Poppitz
Special to The Gardner News
At the Jan. 25 meeting, Edgerton council considered reducing the size of the planning commission and whether to approve the staff recommended contractor for the Nelson Street Water Line Project.

Amending Planning Commission
Council considered Ordinance No. 1074, which amends the size and scope of the Planning Commission. Katy Crow, development services director, presented the recommendation to council.
The Uniform Development Code (UDC) currently requires nine members. Due to challenges of keeping nine commission seats filled and keeping attendance sufficient for quorum, staff and planning commission recommend reducing the commission to five members.
In October 2017, the city attorney and city administrator addressed the Planning Commission regarding the possibility of changing the size of the commission.
In December 2017, the commission held public hearing regarding the topic.
The commission recommendation presented to council tonight was to change to the UDC and the ‘Organization and Bylaws of the Planning Commission’ to amend the size of the commission  to five members, with three members as a quorum.
The recommendation also allows up to two of the five members to come from outside Edgerton city limits. There was discussion about how to describe the area of eligibility,
“We’re at 207th Street with our latest annexation, so we’re within a mile of Miami county, and I think to do due diligence, we should keep our options open,” said Don Roberts, mayor.
Council consensus was to define it as “within Edgerton’s planning area.” Ordinance No. 1074 was passed with a 5-0 vote.

Nelson Street Water Line
Scott Peterson, assistant city administrator, presented construction bids for the Nelson Street water line project.
The city had previously put this project out for bids in May 2017. They received three bids and the lowest of the three was $80,000 over the engineer’s estimate.
Council rejected all three bids and the project was tabled until early 2018 in the hopes of getting more competitive bids.
Peterson reported that there were ten bids this time and they were more competitive. The lowest total bidder was Wiedenmann, Inc., at $280,546.00. BG Consultants checked the references for Wiedenmann, Inc., and believes they are qualified to complete the project.
The city was awarded a $170,000 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) from Johnson County for this project. The remaining costs will come from the city’s Water System Development Fund.
This project will replace the last of the aged iron pipe in the city water system with modern PVC pipe.
Council voted 5-0 in favor of awarding construction of the Nelson Street Water Line to Wiedenmann, Inc., in an amount not to exceed $280,546.00, and authorized the mayor to execute the contract.

Correcting an older ordinance
Council considered repeal and replacement of an ordinance from 2011 which ordered the vacation of streets and any adjoining public right of way, but reserved a 20-footwide public utility easement on parcels along 191st and 183rd Streets.
Crow presented the item and referred to it as housekeeping.
In 2011, per Ordinance No. 901, BNSF Railway Company was to record said ordinance with the Johnson County Register of Deeds. In researching other city business, it was learned by staff that this action was never performed.
When staff went to record the ordinance, they were informed the property description in the ordinance was insufficient in that it lacked the section, township, and range of the vacated property.
City staff worked with Johnson County staff and the city attorney to determine the correct information.
A new ordinance is needed to replace the old one. A public hearing was held.
Ordinance No. 1073, which passed by 5-0 vote repeals Ordinance 901 and restates property descriptions sufficient to satisfy the Register of Deeds office and city staff will record this new ordinance upon its passage.

Changes to city staff positions
During the city administrators report, Beth Linn asked council for approval of staff recommended changes in job descriptions. Maintenance Technician II would move from being under the parks and recreation department to public works.
Two new positions were added – Accounting Technician and Customer Service Specialist. Council approved 5-0.
Edgerton council meets on the second and fourth Thursdays of the month. Next council meeting is Feb. 8. The annual Mayor’s State of the City Address Feb 15.