Rick Poppitz
Special to The Gardner News
At the Johnson County Airport Commission (JCAC) meeting on Jan. 24, the commission considered numerous items and was introduced to newly appointed airport commissioner, Dennis Kissinger, attending his first meeting. Kissinger has been a city manager for over 30 years, including 17 years as city manager for the city of Salina, Kan.

Sewer system expansion
The commission considered staff recommendation to approve a sewer system project enlarging the Executive Airport sewer system and connecting into the consolidated main sewer district.
Design and bid construction of sewers and related improvements is not to exceed $267,000.
Commission approved, via Resolution No. WD-18-005, with none opposed.

Lease extension: Twist Air
The commission considered a lease amendment for Twist Air, Inc., which has requested a 90 day extension.
This lease has been amended with short extensions eight times previously. The lessee wants to develop and improve but has not finalized plans.
The date to submit preliminary plans and outline specifications was amended to April 25, 2018.
Having approved the lease amendment all through 2017, commissioners were already familiar with the details.
The amendment also states that the rental rate shall remain the same through February, March and April.
In discussion, commission consensus was that this would be the last extension at that rate. When this extension expires in April, additional extension or renewal will be current full price.
Motion was made to approve the extension for 90 days and carried with none opposed.

Lease extension: UniLever
UniLever has had a drop lot lease south of the control tower for the past year. It is expiring, and they have asked to extend.
A drop lot is an empty lot where trucks and trailers can be parked.
Larry Peet, deputy director, said that this lot had been leased by the year previously but UniLever wants to do a three year lease this time.
The rental rate for the three year lease would be $.13 per square foot for the first year and go up to 14 and 15 cents per sq. ft. in 2019 and 2020.
Peet told commission that UniLever had agreed to the rates.
Motion to approve was made by Lee Harris, vice chairman, seconded and carried with none opposed.

New Century Pump House roof
The roof of the New Century Pump House building is in poor condition and is in need of full replacement. The roof over the entire building is to be replaced with a single ply EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer), sometimes called a ‘rubber roof’.
In December the project was put out for bid, and four were received. The lowest was from American Roofing Inc. with a bid or $119,737.
The commission approved with none opposed.

Report from SWJCEDC
Greg Martinettte, president of Southwest Johnson County Economic Development Corporation (SWJCEDC), introduced Randy Gregorcyk, Gardner city council member, as a new board member for SWJCEDC.
“He understands the importance of the relationship between the airport and the city of Gardner, and he will be the liason board member on our board, from the city of Gardner,” Martinette said.
Gregorcyk spoke briefly and said he would be working to increase Gardner’s contribution to SWJCEDC.
Martinette continued with his monthly report on area activity. He mentioned the Stenner company is doing a 3200 sq. ft. expansion and that construction has begun on a new urgent care facility at 915 E. Lincoln Lane in Gardner.