Jan. 24, both the A-team and B-team boys were able to secure victories for the freshman basketball program.
The B-team would get the action started, hosting the Louisburg Wildcats.  Hunter Meyer fought through a bloody injury to come back and lead the team in scoring, with 11 points, including 9 big ones in a tight 4th quarter.  Dylan Jacobs and Cayden Elder added 10 and 7 points themselves, while Drew Cassida led the team in rebounds.
The final score was 43-35, and brings the B-team boys to 5-1.
The A-team played in the second round of the Lansing tournament, facing off against the Blue Valley Tigers.  The Blazer defense was impenetrable, holding the Tigers to 4 of 41 shooting on the evening.  The final score read 45-12, and takes the Blazers into the championship game.  A special shout-out to Matt Limer and Ivan Jalabomy, who had 15 and 12 rebounds in the game, respectively.   The win brings the A-team record to 8-1 on the season.
Both teams are back in action, at play a rescheduled game against the Olathe East Hawks.  The A-team starts at 6 p.m., with the B-team following.  Please congratulate all players on two great wins.