The first of the year usually brings evaluations and contract renewals for area administrators. Through a Kansas Open Records request, contracts and salaries were obtained for local administrative staff.
Currently the highest area salary paid is to Pam Stranathan, USD 231 superintendent.
Stranathan makes a base salary of $190,000 per her contract. This does not include $7,600 in taxable additional frozen compensation for a reduction of the family paid health benefit to single paid health benefit.
In 2016-2017, she received a salary of $173,800.

Pam Stranathan, USD 231
Salary for 2018-2019 is currently being reviewed. According to the KORA request, Stranathan’s last evaluation was on Jan. 6, 2017. According to USD 231’s board policy, Stranathan will be evaluated by the board prior to February 15 on the third and fourth years of employment, and thereafter at least annually.
Stranathan’s contract was signed Feb. 6, 2017 and ends June 30, 2019. In the contract, salary is listed at $190,000. According to the contract she gets 20 days paid vacation leave annually, 12 days of accumulated sick leave, $100 per month for cell phone, and an amount equivalent to district employee’s cost of single health and/or dental insurance premiums.
According to the district, Stranathan’s total compensation in 2017 was $198,800. She received $7,500 in compensation available for any administrator who took a reduction of the family paid health benefit to single paid health benefit entering into the 2014-15 school year.   Mileage is reimbursed in accordance with IRS reimbursement rate for actual miles driven.
She is currently in the evaluation cycle with the members of the Board of Education.
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Cheryl Harrison-Lee, Gardner
The last evaluation for Harrison-Lee was completed Jan. 2, 2018 in closed session at a regular city council meeting. Salary for Harrison-Lee in 2017 was $167,263.67, according to the KORA request. She is also eligible for annual bonuses of $7,500 when expectations are exceeded.
According to the contract, Harrison-Lee receives a $6,000 car allowance, $3,000 for a health savings account, an ICMA city contribution, medical contribution and KPERs contribution. She receives six weeks of paid vacation; sick leave accrues at the same rate as other general full-time employees.
Information obtained under a KORA requests indicates a projected salary of $174,137 for 2018.
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Beth Linn, Edgerton
The most recent performance evaluation for Linn was completed on July 13, 2017, according to information received under a KORA request. Linn’s annual salary is $140,700. She receives $100 per month for a cell phone and $300 per month for car allowance.
Under the terms of her 2011 employment agreement, Linn was originally credited with 10 days vacation/ sick leave and 24 hours personal leave. She has continued to accrue both subject to same rules and procedures as other employees.
According to her employment agreement, her next evaluation will be in February; based upon the outcome, the council may determine a merit increase that will be applied the following year.
Linn’s health insurance and and KPER’s is also part of her compensation package.
No charge for KORA request, transmitted via e mail.
Additional salaries for top administrators include Rob Kirk, FD #1 with $113,546, and Dennis Meyers, FD#1 (part time position) of $31,500.
According to the Johnson County website, Mike Brown, 6th district commissioner, makes $50,739.

Beth Linn

CHL Employment Agreement 2016

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