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Vicky Gunkel
4-H Community leader
The Comet Tech 4-H club met at the county extension office for their Electricity/Junior Leaders project meeting Jan. 21.
The members learned about electrons, simple circuits, amperes, voltage and the science behind the electromagnetic force.
Each member was given an electronic toy to take apart and dissect. The class learned how to tin a soldering gun, unsolder the electronic parts and learn the uses of various components, remove motors, and examine parts used in making the toy operate.
Project class leaders Jim and Vicky organized the class and invited youth from other 4-H clubs in the county.
Project members included, Comet Tech; Nicholas, Zachary, David, Seth, Anthony, and Micah. Stanley Buccaneers; Alex and Morning Glory; Joseph. The Comet Tech 4-H Club meets every third Thursday of the month at 6:30 p.m., in the JOCO Extension office, 11811 S. Sunset dr., Olathe. All are welcome.