The Jan. 16 Gardner City council meeting was the first with Steve Shute presiding as mayor.
The council’s Governing Body Rules of Procedure dictate that a president and vice-president shall be appointed from members of the city council by a majority vote.
The council president presides at meetings when the mayor is temporarily absent due to travel, illness, etc. If both the mayor and council president are temporarily absent, the council vice president presides.
Shute previously held the position of council president, and Todd Winters held the position of council vice-president.
Shute asked for discussion Jan. 16 or a motion for council president. Rich Melton, councilman, nominated Lee Moore, councilman. Randy Gregorcyk, councilman, nominated Todd Winters, councilman.
Shute asked for a vote by show of hands, and Moore was elected council president by a 3-2 vote.
Moore then made a motion to appoint Melton as council vice president, seconded by Baldwin and passed by ‘aye’ vote with none opposed.