The wintry weekend of Jan. 7, Gardner reported one power outage, 19 calls for frozen pipes and replaced six frozen water meters.
The power outage, at 157th Terrace in Quail Meadows, effected seven customers and was caused by a transformer failure, said Michael Kramer,director of public works.
“There are several things that citizens can do to help during a snow and ice event,” Kramer said. “Remove cars from the street, ensure tires are rated for snow and are in good shape, prepare for winter weather by stocking up on supplies to reduce trips, shovel snow from driveway onto lawn and not into the street, give snow plow drivers plenty of room.”
As winter weather continues with single digit temperatures, Kramer advised residents to:
• Disconnect and drain outdoor hoses and winterize sprinkler lines.
• In extremely cold weather, consider leaving a trickle of water running through any pipes that are vulnerable to freezing.
• Open cabinet doors to circulate warm air.
• Keep your thermostat set to at least 55 degrees F, even if you are not at home.
• Know where your water shut-off is located
Additional information regarding winter storm snow and Ice removal including commonly asked questions and answers can be found on the City of Gardner Website at: