Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Ok so I have thought about it and when I look back I will start it with “once upon a time” rather than I remember when. The “once” sounds so much more positive and hopeful.
I was reading on the internet, and people kept bringing up that wonderful happy craze that we enjoyed, or rather exclaimed”oh my” at in the 70’s.
I am taking about streaking. “oh my!”
Mr. Ray Stevens is the musical genius that wrote the lyrics to his song in 1974. Who could forget it? It was a happy little ditty. Catchy tune and words. One of those songs you looked forward too, so you could sing along.
Here in the middle of the country, I think the craze took longer to catch on. We have seasons, and if the purpose of the streaking is to show off your birthday suit, well some times of year just aren’t very good for that.
I remember being at a football game when someone yelled “Oh my goodness there is a streaker!” Well I never got to see it. The crowd moved forward at such a rate, you would have though someone yelled “free food!” It always happened so fast and I was never in the right place at the right time.
When it took place on TV they would switch cameras. I think there was a streaker at Wimbledon, possibly one at a Super Bowl. You know just here and there where ever someone thought, “I think I will take my clothes off and run in front of a crowd of people.”
If memory serves, it was usually a young man who was pretty fast on his feet. I don’t recall any young women, but I am sure there were some.
Those born in the 80’s probably never got to witness or even partially witness the phenomenon.
“Oh, yes, they call him the Streak
Boogity, Boogity
Fastest thing on two feet
Boogity, Boogity”
Thank you Ray Stevens for these lyrics.
The lyrics take me back to a simpler time. We didn’t have a phone in our pocket at all times. It was a do it yourself sort of thing. Now people stand in front of a mirror and send their photo to a group of friends.
I doubt very much that this is a craze that will make a come back for any reason at all.
I can’t see why it would be needed. Plus all that taking off the clothes and sprinting around would be a lot of unnecessary exercise for a lot of folks.
So remember the song with a smile. Have a listen maybe even on the internet. It is way too cold to revive this from the 70’s.
Plus most of us who were there are way too slow to make a good show of it.