Rick Poppitz
Special to The Gardner News
Among the topics discussed at the first Gardner city council meeting of 2018 on Jan. 2 was the early termination of the lease at Gardner Golf Course.

Termination of golf course lease
The council considered an early termination of the lease, operating agreement and settlement agreement between the city of Gardner and Pruitt Golf Shop, Inc. Ryan Denk, city attorney, presented details to council.
Denk said that the Pruitt’s had reviewed and agreed to the settlement terms.
The date to vacate in the documents was Dec. 27, and Matt McClure, recreation superintendent, did a walk through of the property with the Pruitt’s on that date and found the property condition acceptable.
The Pruitt’s have agreed to leave the modular clubhouse, which was theirs if the lease had reached the end of the original term.
Golf carts and maintenance equipment are gone. Denk said the golf carts were leased and the other equipment was far past end of service life.
Denk said discussions were progressing with GreatLife, and the city was currently working on financing details.
Those details include debt service, a large part of which will go towards irrigation system improvements. He said that might take a while but once that is done, the next steps council would likely see would be a Letter of Understanding, followed by an actual Operating Agreement.
After Denk’s presentation, the floor was opened for public comments; there were none, and council discussion followed.
Steve Shute, council president, noted for confirmation, that GreatLife would be assuming operation of the course until a new lease agreement is in place.
Denk said they had agreed to step in and provide basic maintenance, but the course is closed now and not much will happen in the winter weather.
Council approved the termination agreements by ‘aye’ vote with none opposed.