Recent cold weather and wintry conditions caused frozen pipes and slick roads around the area.
According to the K-State extension office, North central Kansas had temperatures of 10 below zero F for up to 10 hours and readings in some areas fell as low as 16 below zero.
In Edgerton, the utility department received five calls for frozen pipes and had to unthaw one frozen meter, according to Mike Mabrey, utility superintendent.
“If there are areas of your home that are vulnerable to pipes freezing – generally pipes in attics, crawl spaces and outside walls,” Mabrey advised residents to, “Open cabinet doors, allow a faucet to slightly drip to keep from pressure build up allowing pipes to freeze and burst.”
Over all, Mabrey said the wintry weather caused four after hours’ calls.
In addition, there was one water main break at 8th St. and Meriwood Ln, and three customers suffering leaks from the cold weather.

Road conditions
In Edgerton, Mabrey said recent cold rains and freezing temperature did not create any major traffic issues; however, 45 tons of salt were spread.
In Gardner, the police department worked several different accidents.
“We worked several vehicle accidents last night late and several more Jan. 8,” said Sgt. Steve Benz, Gardner Police Department. “We also assisted the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office work several of them this morning as well.  We encountered no major injuries and no fatalities.”
Benz said he believes all of the accidents were directly related to icy roadway conditions.  “When the roadways ice up, we usually get some ‘black ice’ conditions on Interstate 35 around 175th Street,” Benz said. “Black ice is what we call roadways that have a smooth coating of ice on them so difficult to see that it appears black.  This is not uncommon on highways during freezing rain conditions.”
Benz said GPD urges citizens to remain in their homes and avoid driving on roadways that are potentially ice-covered.
“If you do have to drive in these conditions, leave yourself plenty of extra time to get where you are going.  Plan your route and tell someone of your trip and your route, just in case,” Benz said. “Always drive slowly and leave plenty of room between you and any other vehicle in your lane of travel.  Remember that you are only as safe on the roadway as allowed to be by the other guy.  You cannot plan for the actions of other vehicles. “