In the shortest meeting of the year, Edgerton council voted Dec. 28 to make one of the largest annexations in city history – adding nearly 575 acres to the intermodal’s current 1,700. Although not officially labeled as LPKC, Kubota announced in October 2017 that they had purchased 200 acres to expand. The property to the north of I-35 makes the annexation of the 17 properties to the south of I-35 contiguous. Photo courtesy of Jerry Kellogg

Rick Poppitz
Special to The Gardner News
At the last meeting of 2017, which at 21 minutes was also one of the shortest of the year, Edgerton city council approved the largest annexation in the city’s history.
There were two annexations approved at the meeting – both were voluntary acquisitions initiated by the property owners.
The first approved is a plot of land located north of the I-35 and Homestead Lane interchange, on the northwest corner of Homestead Lane and 199th Street, owned by Earl S. Thompson, Jr. and Patricia L. Thompson.
The Thompson’s have submitted Consent for Annexation forms asking the city to consider annexation.
Annexation of this piece of property will connect other properties previously annexed as islands into contiguous property within the City of Edgerton corporate city limits.

Properties annexed by tEdgerton on Dec. 28 are highlighted. The property to the north of I-35, labeled A, is the Thompson property. The 17 properties to the south of I-35, amounting to about 575 acres, are owned by NPD Management LLC. Graphic courtesy of Jerry Kellogg

The second annexation was for a much larger area of property, about 575 acres, on the south side of the I-35 and Homestead Lane interchange. The 17 properties are owned by NPD Management, LLC.
NPD filed agreement and consent forms requesting the annexation of each property.
Currently there is no industrial development south of I-35.
Council approved both annexations with 5-0 votes in the Thursday night meeting.
“Any time any city grows by 25 per cent in one meeting, it’s a big deal,” said Don Roberts, Edgerton mayor, when contacted after the meeting. “When we have property owners who want to be part of the community, then I always feel like that’s a great deal.”
According to a press release issued by Kubota in October 2017, “Kubota Tractor Corporation officially confirmed today its plans to plant solid roots in Kansas for its North American Distribution Center (NADC) by announcing the details of its letter of intent to purchase 203 acres near the company’s current leased facility in Edgerton, Kansas. The company plans to design and build two, one million square foot, facilities to expand their distribution capacity and streamline logistics processes for the timely delivery of Kubota branded service parts and equipment to its increasing customer base in the U.S.”
Additional information may be found in the Dec. 28, 2017 council packet at