On Dec. 16, “the Aquabombs,” a Lego first league from Comet Tech 4-H Club, demonstrated their learning in the Robotics Project to a team of judges in Lawrence.
The Lego first league takes groups within 4-H and promotes STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) for club members ages 9-14.
The Aquabombs, led by project leaders Jean and Brian, have been meeting and learning weekly since August. The project class chose a challenge,and designed their robot to provide solutions to the challenge.
The children chose a water pollution challenge. The challenge was to find where lead in water was coming from, and proceeded to build their robot to have tools to manipulate the terrain, heavy pipes and replace water filters in order to correct the problem.
The boys worked together in researching water pollution both nationally and locally. They designed nano-bots to replace corroded pipes and install pipes with dynamic filters. These filters would remove the lead and other contaminates.
The Comet Tech 4-H Club has 2 Lego first leagues for two different age groups.
If you would like your children to learn more about STEM, look into the Comet Tech 4-H Club. The club meets the third Tuesday of the month and the focus is on technology related projects as well as traditional 4-H learning.
Please join club members for the next meeting at the County Extension Office; 11811 S Sunset Dr # 1500, Olathe, KS 66061, 6:30 p.m.
Story and Photos submitted by Comet Tech 4-H Club