Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
I like technology. I like gadgets and electronic devices. They are fun and amazingly helpful.
UNTIL, well until something goes wrong. I have a laptop, among other things. Ten years ago I had a monitor and a keyboard attached to a computer that sat on the floor.
My laptop is a girl. She has a sticker of Sleeping Beauty on the front holding an apple. She isn’t new but she lives here, too. How do I know she is a she? She likes to be pampered, and she likes searching Pintrest for pretty things.  Well she locked up ( another word) doing an update, if she had been a he, he would have found the duct tape and fixed it himself.
But no she waited. I wrongly clicked on do an update to my system and went off to bed the other night.
I am pretty sure there are – for the most part – pixies and fairies inside my laptop. They usually swirl and swoop and keep the whole thing running perfectly.
Well they must have been out on an errand. I think the two old trolls in the dark corner were on duty. I picture these fellows as round, multi chinned with slouchy hats and an old stogie hanging from the corner of their down turned mouths. I also picture them as playing black jack and the update was just not fitting into their card night.
I awoke the next morning. All seemed good with the laptop. I turned on Sleeping Beauty; she played her little tune and an apple appeared. So did a little process bar. It would travel half way across and stop. Then a
very ugly little no symbol would appear. You know the one, the circle with the line across diagonally, In Germany it meant verboten.
Ok, so I turned the computer off and back on. Same result, at least 5 times.
At this point I searched for a secondary device to Google the appropriate fix. My secondary device was of course not charged. Much googling later I found numerous fixes. This is apparently pretty common problem with this update.
But – once again – after a number of tries I was unsuccessful. A trip to the local computer store was going to be in my future. Of course the store is located in Overland Park way down on Roe.
I decided to just sleep on it. Maybe the trolls would get tired of playing cards and let the install happen. Maybe the pixies would come back and kick the trolls out.
I reviewed my instructions once again. Pushed the button to turn it on, held down the correct keys and waited. Two minutes later a new picture popped up with several options. I reinstalled my system from my backup (last of my techie words).
And she worked.
Once again I can peruse Pintrest for things that I could make, but probably never will.
Sleeping Beauty is happily on my lap as I type. I promise to backup my system faithfully. I promise not to randomly click on updates ever again.
I think we have an understanding.
Until it happens again.