Rick Poppitz
Special to The Gardner News
The Edgerton city council Dec. 14 considered an application for industrial revenue bonds and property tax abatement from ColdPoint Logistics Real Estate, LLC  for construction of an approximately 173,770 sq. ft. expansion to an existing warehouse and cold-storage distribution facility located at 31301 W. 181st Street.
Scott Anderson, bond counsel, briefed council on the bond details and Jeff White, Columbia Capitol, gave a review of a Cost-Benefit Analysis report.
The original ColdPoint building was 161,000 sq. ft. and was constructed in 2016. Two subsequent expansions have been completed since then.
A public hearing was held. Mike Jensen, county resident, came forward to speak.
Jensen represents a group called Concerned Citizens For Responsible Government. The group is concerned with the use of anhydrous ammonia in industrial facilities near residential homes. The group recently took the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners to court in protest of a development deal at New Century. Plans for that construction project were subsequently withdrawn.
Jensen said that there were safer alternatives for cooling than anhydrous ammonia and asked council to make using a safer alternative a condition for approval.
Council appeared interested in Jensen’s concerns and indicated it would be discussed further in future developments, however, operational details for this project are not on the table. This expansion is part three of a four phase project that was approved previously. The only item of consideration for council tonight was the issuance of the industrial revenue bonds.“When they did phase one they were approved for all four phases,” Don Roberts, mayor, said, adding that was over a year ago.
After the public hearing closed, council approved Resolution No. 12-14-17C to issue $28,000,000 in industrial revenue bonds for the expansion of ColdPoint.
Lineage Logistics history
Concerns over storage of anhydrous ammonia at New Century AirCenter for a tenant, Lineage Logistics, LLC, caused county residents to file a lawsuit against the county for that development. That lawsuit is not associated with Edgerton or businesses at the intermodal.
Jensen , who spoke at the Edgerton public hearing, represents a group called Concerned Citizens For Responsible Government which is concerned with the use of anhydrous ammonia in industrial facilities. On July 6, 2017, the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners’ (BOCC) voted to approve a development application for Lineage Logistics LLC to build a 411,000 square foot cold storage facility at New Century.
On Nov. 1, Lineage Logistics announced that they would no longer pursue the development.
The company statement said “…unforeseen changes to our customers supply chain and logistics needs have, for now, prompted us to withdraw our plans.”
A group of property owners near the proposed New Century development objected, citing numerous concerns, including safety concerns, property devaluation and the process of approval.
The group claims the BOCC was not responsive to hearing their concerns.
Later the group filed a lawsuit against the BOCC – Jensen, et al. v BOCC of Johnson County, Kansas Case No. 17 CV 04410.