Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
I watched some really good television two Sunday’s ago. It was the 50th anniversary of The Carol Burnett Show.
Of course I grew up watching Carol on TV. She was a staple at our house —much like Gunsmoke and Mission impossible.
She was a funny lady. Not in the style of Lucille Ball, but in her own unique way. Her show came on, and her writers found ways to use the movies and news and stories of the “now” in her program. Only with a very humorous presentation. She was loud and sometimes brash, but the humor was clean and at times side splittingly funny. She had a great cast with Harvey Korman, Tim Conway and Vicki Lawrence.
I didn’t realize how young Bob Mackie, who designed all the clothing for the sketches and weekly productions, actually was. He must have been a very young man because on the special he looked great. I know he went on to design for Cher. I can remember a Bob Mackie gown worn on a special edition Barbie doll.
It amazed me to laugh at those old comedy sketches as if they were being seen for the first time. Yes the humor was a little slap stick, and I wonder if they would have problems now with portraying a secretary as a bumbling, nail filing bimbo. But it was alright then and still funny today.
I miss those old comedy entertainment hours. I watch my weekly sitcom’s and enjoy them, but it isn’t the same. You can get a little of the same variety of entertainment, but you must stay up till after 10:30 p.m. or even later. I guess the grizzly crime shows and police, and military shows, get more of an audience. The best ratings get the prime time slots.
There were numerous variety hours, Carol Burnett, Sonny and
Cher, The Carpenters, even The Muppets and John Denver. All gone but really not forgotten.
Let us not forget Laugh-in and Hee Haw. Some of the best television in my opinion we ever had.
Shows that gave budding young performers a stage and an audience to try their stuff out on. Many, if you search for them, are selling real estate in California, but some made it to the big time.
There is much to be said for good, clean, funny entertainment. I – for one – get tired of seeing new ways to torture people on Criminal Minds.
I think a good laugh, a well played funny line, does a lot for the soul. We have a lot of hours in the day to deal with the hard portions of living in this world.
A few minutes of pure fun that doesn’t degrade anyone or diminish anyone would be appreciated by people young and old alike.