Water samples analyzed by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) showed that Gardner’s water supply met all Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) requirements. Every three years, KDHE is required to test cities’ drinking water for lead and copper to ensure they meet state and federal standards.
KDHE evaluated 30 drinking water samples that were obtained throughout the city. Levels above 0.015 mg/L for lead and 1.3mg/L for copper would require corrective action. Gardner’s levels for lead were .002 and .181 for copper, significantly lower than required.
“The city’s staff at Hillsdale Water Treatment Facility takes pride in providing its citizens with safe and great tasting drinking water,” said Gonzalo Garcia, utility director. “Because of their efforts to regularly test and improve the water supply, the city continues to exceed federal and state standards for water quality.” For more information about the city’s water quality requirements, visit www.gardnerkansas.gov/watertreatment.