Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Well Thanksgiving is done. Last week was filled with people making preperations and going to vist family or expecting family and friends.
Busy, busy time of year.
A couple of people passed last week, on the national level.
Back in 1969 a young man with a winning smile and a nice voice became a staple in many living rooms and even some posters on walls. David Cassidy was the son of Jack Cassidy and Shirley Jones. He starred along with others in the Partridge Family on tv. He had an all American look, and could have been a friend of your brothers, or the guy who sat in the class with you at school. Being an impressionable junior high student in 1969, I thought he was swell. He was a good guy. He was acting on tv with his step mom. Clean cut all American.I was sad to learn earlier this year he had dementia. I know the rock and roll lifestyle can lead to many addictions and problems. I remembered him as a role model in those early times. He passed and his voice will not be forgotten.
Another person died last week. He also flashed upon the scene in 1969. Charles Manson . He was the head of the Manson Family. They were a group of quasi hippies living in the desert in California. He orchestrated the murders of Sharon Tate, her unborn baby, and 6 other people in her home. They also killed the La Bianca’s. I didn’t know Saron Tate, she had starred in Valley Of the Dolls, which I was too young to see or understand. This man was evil. He was charismatic. But to some even today he was interesting or facinating. Sometimes evil is that way.He had a control over those people and they never questioned him. Their loyalty was total.
I am afraid I have to say, his passing didn’t sadden me. I was afraid of him even from afar.People who have charisma have a way of controllng. We hope they use it for good, but he did not. Charlie is gone. I won’t miss the swastica carved into his forhead, or the evil scary look in his eyes. The people who worked hard to keep him in jail, can rest a tiny bit.
But they can never forget.