Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
I have recently had the opportunity to re-explore my daytime soap operas.
They just happen to be on television, and I just happen to plop down and see what the people are doing in their special lives.
My Mom watched her “stories” while she ironed. I had her watch Dark Shadows for me because if I ran all the way home, I could only get the last five minutes of the program. I don’t think she cared much for my taste in vampires.
I have been watching Y and R and B and B. If you know what those are, you are probably a diehard fan. There may be support groups for these addictions. It’s worth a look.
Some of the actors have been playing the same rolls for years and years. I am amazed. Don’t they get tired of the repetitiveness of the dialog? If you miss a day, by golly it will be rehashed for you the next 4 or 5 days at least. And much like some of the religions around the world, these people seem to know no boundaries when it comes to marrying a brother in law or even a father in law. There seems to be no honor among these women. They poach each others men like a sort of trophy.
I know, I know, could change the channel. I could watch a show where the audience has fun and the person in charge makes everyone welcome.
There is something just a little too good to pass up. Watching others do stupid predictable things sometimes makes a rather plain uneventful life seem pretty nice. I am sure my Mom would shake her head and wonder about these women. She who came from a time when you put on lipstick to “go to the store.”
My days of unlimited soaps, is coming to an temporary end. Back to work. Back to the folks I like to speak to on the phone. Back to the ones who drop by the office and say hello.
Real life is much more comfortable. My little trip down soap opera lane has been fun. But I can do without the man stealing and the sister back stabbing. Life is too short to treat family and friends wrong.