At this writing, the election is over.
There are winners and losers, so now it’s time to regroup, stop the rhetoric and make positive plans to move our communities forward.
This has been a rough election cycle, and the negativity needs to be put in the past. In actuality, some candidates’ supporters were more negative than the candidates themselves. Very sad.
We were fortunate to have every seat contested; that provides choice; and caused candidates to put their best game forward.
We appreciate anyone willing to take time from their family to concentrate on a campaign for elected office. It’s not for the faint of heart – it takes a lot of patience, due diligence and shoe leather.
It’s also rough on knowledgeable voters who have to sift thru some very wordy campaign missives; and family members who have to weather the campaign fall out.
To all those who ran for office, we say thank you for your willingness to do community service. We hope those who lost continue to work within the communities, and we hope those who won will shake hands, dig in and make our towns the very best they can be.