Rick Poppitz
Special to The Gardner News
Edgerton city council met on Oct. 26 and considered a trucks’ prohibition on Martin Creek Park, bonds for construction of a Dollar General store and a lease amendment for the expansion of the Coldpoint facility at LPKC.
Council considered adopting an ordinance prohibiting commercial trucks from Martin Creek Park parking lot and driveway.
The city recently paved the parking lot and driveway with a two inch asphalt overlay. Prohibiting commercial trucks will protect the investment by increasing the lifespan of the overlay.
The proposed ordinance provides exemptions for emergency vehicles, city and utility vehicles.
Council adopted Ordinance No. 1066 with a 4-0 vote. Cindy Crooks was absent.
Council considered a Resolution of Intent to issue industrial revenue bonds in the maximum amount of $1 million 7,500 square foot retail building at 106 West 3rd Street in Edgerton. This will be a Dollar General store.
The developer will be eligible for a sales tax exemption on construction materials and personal property. It is not eligible and does not receive any property tax abatement.
Council adopted Resolution No. 10-26-17A with a 4-0 vote.
Council considered an amendment to the Base Lease and the Lease and Performance Agreement for the Coldpoint Logistics project.
The city previously issued bonds and granted property tax abatement for a term of ten years to build the Coldpoint facility. The project is completed and in operation.
Now Coldpoint is planning a 184,405 sq. ft. expansion to the original project. Land that forms a single project must be financed with the same series of bonds and have one term of abatement.
Resolution No. 10-26-17B authorizes amendments to the lease documents to amend the legal description to include both the original ground and the new ground with the same term of abatement as the original project.
At the start of the meeting, during public comments, Vince Werkowitch spoke to council. Werkowitch told council that he is one of the homeowners involved in a lawsuit against the county opposing the Lineage Logistics project in New Century.
He said that the group had formed a non-profit organization to monitor industrial development deals throughout the county. He said that Lineage Logistics has a bad record of safety violations and urged council to carefully investigate the safety record of any company looking to develop in their area.