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Fire District 1 will reduce homeowners’ ISO rating effective next month, which may decrease insurance premiums.
An ISO is a complete analysis of the structural fire suppression delivery system provided in the community. The scale used is a 1 thru 10, with 1 being the lowest (best) rating and 10 being the highest. The new 2 classification will improve the predictive value for insurers while benefiting both commercial and residential property owners.
November 1 residents in the area served by FD#1 will see their ISO rating reduced to 2/10. It is currently at a 4/10 and prior to 2010 was at a 6/10.
FD1 has made great improvements to take the ISO from a 6/10 to 2/10 in six years to include three new fire engines, addition of personnel, training and inspection program.
What does the 2/10 mean?
The 2 represents any dwelling within five road miles from any of our stations which is around 80 percent of the district. The 10 represents any dwelling outside of the five road miles (northwest corner of the district)
What do residents need to do?
FD#1 suggests residents contact their insurance agent and let them know the ISO rate has changed. Most insurance companies use the ISO as one of the factors that determine your rate. The changes usually occur upon the policy renewal date.
There are about 500 fire departments in Kansas and only 16 have an ISO rating of a 1 or 2.