Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
So all the media attention the last couple of weeks has been unprofessional athletes kneeling instead of standing for the national anthem.
As our editorial mentioned last week, this isn’t a new thing.
It was done during the Olympics years ago.
As a very young person, we recited the Pledge of Allegiance every morning before school. As a guest of a military family member, we stood at attention, hand over heart when going to a movie at the Olathe Naval Air Station.  This wasn’t a big deal. We just did it.
My father fought in WW11; my father in law fought in the Korean War (yes war not conflict). Friends and relatives went to Viet Nam.
They fought for our right to free speech. Not a partial right or an edited right. They fought for the beliefs our country was founded upon.
All of them, not a selected few.
The symbol of our country is our flag. It is an important symbol.
Even though I only lived outside the U.S. for a year, it was long enough to know I valued what we had at home concerning rights. It was a time of hippies in Europe. We were directed by the Army to dress appropriately when out in public in West Germany. In other words don’t look like hippies. No scruffy jeans, no ragged dirty appearances. We
represent the country we came from. Respect yourself and the place you are from.
It was my first lesson in being a minority. Yes I was white, but I was from a foreign country. Not everyone liked Americans. Keep your mouth shut and follow the rules given to you.
Coming home the flag had a different meaning. I had a better understanding of one of the symbols of our nation.
I will stand for our flag. I will cover my heart and sing the national anthem.
I will remember the 21 gun salute at a funeral so many years ago, of a family member killed off of Guam in a plane crash. They folded that flag and handed it to that young woman, now a widow, and her daughter. They fired 21 shots. Every one of those volleys echoed to the core.
So I guess my reaction is, put your money where your knee is. If you make huge amounts of money and choose to not stand, donate $1,000 every time you make this choice. Donate it to Black Lives Matter. Help make a change in our world. Use this money to re educate, re direct our police system on dealing with  today’s issues.
So after some people told me these players already give to many, many charities, I did some digging. The low ball figure is they make 9 to 12 million a season. Even getting half of that leaves 4.5 MILLION Dollars for 16 games.  If you believe in this cause $, when you kneel showing your support is not much money at all.
Respect yourself, respect your country. Respect the rights given to you by your country, and since you are able to make a difference with the salary you are paid. DO IT!