We’re sad to see Scott Garrie, Gardner Parks and Recreation director, resign.
Garrie had not been with Gardner near long enough, just over a year. But he had made his mark.
And that’s saying a lot since he had some big shoes to step into with the departure of former director Jeff Stewart, who took a job with the county.
As is standard with personnel issues, no reason was given regarding his resignation by city officials. But social media is already ripe with comments.
If we were to speculate – and that’s what it is speculation – we’d say a dysfunctional council that meddles, plots and micromanages played into it.
And the attitude apparently reached out to the Gardner Edgerton school board, who – for whatever reason – decided to fund their own recreation leagues this year which made it difficult for the city to find facilities. Until this year, Gardner and the district had worked in a partnership, but personality disputes caused a rift. And rather than a solution, elected officials’ egos made it worse.
Collateral damage from all this dysfunction are the 600 families who had their youth league cancelled; the taxpayers who are now funding two parks departments; and the teachers and students who have money taken from the classroom until — if — the district’s programs become self-supporting.
And now Garrie has resigned.
Is it because of these issues? We don’t know for certain. But it has to be difficult trying to work in a boiling cauldron.
We want to tell those on social media who are now gloating regarding Garrie’s decision to step aside. Shame on you.
Would you want a mob to go after your job? Your reputation?
Shame on you.
Garrie’s resignation takes him out of the crosshairs of the city/school recreation league debate. He can no longer be used as a scapegoat; and it shows strength of character and unselfishness to resign. Thank you; you’re a bigger man than your detractors.
We believe Garrie will land on his feet. Maybe he already has. We hope so.
We just want to say — “Job well done. You will be missed.”