Rick Poppitz
Special to The Gardner News
Gardner city council held a one hour executive session from 6 to 7 p.m. prior to the regularly scheduled meeting on Oct. 2. The regular meeting agenda contained no committee recommendations or business items.
The agenda for the executive session stated its purpose was “to discuss matters related to attorney client privilege regarding receiving information on personnel matters related to non elected personnel from the city attorney and retained counsel.”
Two proclamations were made at the start of the regular meeting. Chris Morrow, mayor, read proclamations designating Oct. 1-7 as Public Power Week and the month of October as Community Planning Month.

Public comments
Michael Blanchard, Gardner, spoke first and congratulated the city on the Smoke on the Trails event which he said everyone considered a big success.
Fred Fraley, Gardner, spoke about issues with storm water draining onto his Waverly Road Farms. Fraley’s farm property borders both the intermodal and Gardner developments, and he has spoken about similar issues at Edgerton council meetings in the past.
A Gardner resident spoke next, to voice opposition to the construction of the Lineage Logistics facility in New Century.
The next public comment was from Dustin Martin, Gardner, who spoke about the cancellation of the youth basketball program. Martin began by thanking Scott Garrie, parks director, for all he had done for the city.
Martin had worked part time in the program as a coach and referee and told council this had cost him a job that meant a lot to him and the kids he had worked with. He said if it can’t be fixed this year he really hopes it will be fixed by next year.

Council updates
Garrie reported on the Smoke on the Trails event and called it a huge success. He thanked all his parks and recreation staff members by name, thanked the crews from public works and utilities, the police department, fire district and Gardner Rotary, calling it a coordinated effort.
Chris Morrow, mayor, agreed it was a success and said he appreciated Garrie mentioning all the various parties involved.
“Everybody deserves a ‘well done,’especially you and your staff. It really was a grand slam,” Morrow said.
Steve Shute, council president,” also commented on the event during council updates.
“I heard several people say this was the best event ever put on by parks and recreation in the city of Gardner, so it was a home run, a grand slam,” said Shute. “You and your team did a tremendous job.”
The last comment in council updates, confirmed Garrie is departing.
“I’d like to congratulate the staff, Scott and his team, the rest of the city family on the event this weekend and thank Scott for his service to the city, as this is his last council meeting. I want to just thank him and wish him and his family well,” said Cheryl Harrison-Lee, city administrator.
Garrie was hired as Parks and Recreation Director on August 8, 2016.