Alli Butler
Club reporter
The last meeting for the 4-H year for Prairie Star 4-H club, held on Sept. 11, is a favorite among members. The last meeting always means officer elections.
This time of year, the club elects new officers to lead the club in the next 4-H year. The club voted to make a new office. The new office of club photographer was filled by William Quinn. The photographer will work closely with the new club historian, Kara McCormick. Kinzy McCormick was elected to bang the gavel for the club as our new club president. Myself, Alli Butler, was elected to take her place as needed as vice president. Elly VanRheen will follow the meetings closely and record the minutes as secretary. For a second term in his 4-H career, Brady Russel was elected treasurer and his sister, Bayleigh Russel has taken over the task of club reporter. Lauren Molenda stepped down as president and took the task of corresponding secretary. Charli McGill was elected to one of the most important offices, parliamentarian. She is tasked with keeping the meeting running smoothly and by the rules.
The trio of Gavin McGill, Mason Butler and Acy VanRheen are going to keep the club active as recreation leaders. Nolan Quinn, Morgan and Maci Shafer will lead the club each meeting in a fun song as song leaders. Myself, Charli McGill and Austin Sandman will attend county council meetings as club representatives.
Prairie Star is looking forward to a successful year with the new leadership in place. The next meeting will be held at 7 p.m. at the Johnson County fairgrounds on Oct. 9.
We are planning a potluck and new office installation.