America is great.
To say make it “great, again,” implies there is something wrong with this great land of ours.
We beg to differ.
America — our “United States” – is great.
Like a big unruly family, we fight, posture, point fingers and complain, but when the chips are down, we come together and get the job done.
It happens time and time again. America’s great spirit shows best when we are in a crisis.
So we don’t need to “make America great .”  We are great.
A great country with problems.
It would be more accurate to say, “Make America’s problems go away.”
Since this country’s inception, we have had problems.
We always will. You can’t put so many different cultures, races, religions and nationalities together in a melting pot, stir, and not expect there to be problems.
But problems, and more importantly working through the problems, is part of what makes America stand apart. Problems, and solutions, make us grow and keep us strong, rather than static and brittle.
Sports has always been a medium of protest.
Although recently protests involve “taking a knee” during the national anthem, sports as a medium of protest goes back – at least – decades.
About 50 years ago Tommie Smith and Juan Carlos stunned the world by raising gloved fists at the Olympics to express their disillusionment with our nation.
The world, and Americans, were shocked at Smith and Carlos’ quiet protest.
It was embarrassing – some said   traitorous – and just downright infuriated many.
There were shouts of disrespect, betrayal and “if you don’t love America, just leave.”
But America survived. And we grew stronger.
Deja vu.
America is great.