Very often the wheels of government move slowly – like a well oiled, cumbersome machine
The wheels sputter and spark, lurching forward in a tiresome way, but they slowly push the people’s business forward.
Month after month the school board, Edgerton council, fire district, airport, planning commission and a dozen other committees – manned primarily by volunteers – meet, discuss, disagree, and come together with a unified front.
Thank you.
Don’t think you go unnoticed.
But it’s true the squeaky wheel gets all the attention, and so it has been with the Gardner City Council.
Mired down in personalities and petty politics, all to often they’ve put egos before taxpayer business. It happened most recently when three council members – Lee Moore, Rich Melton and Steve Shute – dramatically announced they wouldn’t attend a meeting due to a possible pending harassment complaint by an unknown employee against unknown council members.
Anyone who’s set on a board, or been in business, knows harassment complaints are not that uncommon, and there is a procedure to handle them.
However, instead of following the professional path, this trio publicly declared they would not attend meetings until they were provided more information. They alluded to conspiracies, fear of their safety and possible personal liability.
These declarations were intoned dramatically on social media — we could almost hear the drum roll.
Their walk out seemed to be coordinated and well planned, but a bit overplayed.
Luckily for taxpayers, they apparently got more information as they did attend the Sept. 18 meeting, and residents weren’t held hostage to their egos again.
We can only pray more experienced persons stepped forward and the harassment complaint was handled the way it should have been — privately.
Personnel issues, in both public and private sector, are allowed by law to kept confidential. To do otherwise is to open individuals and the city to liability.
Hopefully this trio will knuckle down and act professional.
While they are at it, they could decline taxpayer payment for a meeting they chose not to attend. True, its not much money, but every dollar counts, and it would go a long way at showing their sincerity.
Behavior such as they displayed is disrespectful not only to themselves and taxpayers, but also to the many individuals who quietly serve on other boards. Thank you for quietly going about conducting the public’s business. You are appreciated.