Kansas launched a six figure accountability effort to educate Kansans on legislators who voted to enact the historic, retroactive $1.2 billion tax hike. The campaign, which is slated to continue through 2018, will consist of mailers, digital ads, and other grassroots activities.
The record tax hike emerged in response to the growing budget deficit after the legislature failed to keep spending in check following the 2012 tax cuts. A veto override in both legislative chambers enacted the billion-dollar tax hike.
“The goal of this accountability effort is to make sure Kansans know which legislators thought it was a better idea to cut the Kansas family budget than the Kansas government budget,” said AFP-Kansas State Director Jeff Glendening. “For years, big-government legislators in Topeka negligently ignored the growing budget. When the deficit approached a tipping point, they took the easy way out and approved a retroactive $1.2 billion tax increase.”
Glendening continued: “Despite early signs that the 2012 tax cuts were working, legislators failed to complete the other half of the equation by making corresponding budget cuts. If you look at states like North Carolina and Wisconsin, their economies are growing because they cut spending to go along with tax cuts. Had legislators in Topeka kept spending in check, taxpayers wouldn’t be in the position of footing the largest hike in state history.”