Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Sixteen years ago on Monday the 11th we all remember where we were.
We remember going outside to look at the airplanes spinning giant vapor trail loops in the sky to get to the nearest airport.
We remember friends telling us to get read the worst was yet to come.
I remember driving to Oak Park Mall to give my son a ride from work when his car wouldn’t start. The streets and highways were empty. No cars for miles at a time.
Everyone was hunkered down with family and friends. Being safe.
The nation rallied around New York, the Pentagon and the location where plane number four went down in Pennsylvania. We were one nation standing together, for a while.
But memories fade, so does the horror and the sadness.
Children are born and then there are those who don’t remember that day. Sixteen years is a long time.
But we stood together. Much like the people who lived through Pearl Harbor.
As our pledge of Allegiance says “One nation……”
But time makes us forget. We will forget about the folks in Texas who lost homes and property. They will be replaced by the people in Florida who also lost homes and property.
We forget that there are people in Edgerton still coping with the flood that went through their town.
As humans it is what we do. We live, we face loss, and with time we tend to forget.
But also as humans we have a capacity for compassion and caring and hope.
So as you go about your business this week, stop for just a moment and remember how fortunate you are.
Even if you don’t have much, you have more than some others.
If you can help the hurricane victims, choose a charity with care.
If you have grandchildren or young children tell them about the courage of those people on flight 93 who crashed into that field on 9-11. Tell them about bravery and honor.
These are qualities that we need to possess.
Remember we are still “one nation” let’s try to keep it that way.