Rick Poppitz
Special to The Gardner News
The city of Edgerton continues to deal with recovery in the aftermath of the flooding from torrential rainfall on Aug. 21. Initial damage estimates exceeded $2 million. The city is currently still working with insurance companies to s the total damage.
Don Roberts, mayor, said it was an intense process of multiple claims being processed at the same time and that is an immense amount of work.
“We’ve had BG consultants come in and do some evaluations of roads, dams, culverts and public infrastructure in general,” Roberts said. “We know that the flood waters were over the 500 year flood plain, causing a great deal of issues for Edgerton.”
The county has already declared disaster for Edgerton. The city hopes that state and federal declarations will follow. That will lead to FEMA relief funds.
Roberts says with a federal disaster declaration, funds could possibly become available to help uninsured homeowners.
“If the state does not declare a disaster, there is no FEMA money or anything that would come to the area,” said Roberts.
Roberts said state officials had visited Edgerton shortly after the storm and the city was working with them on whether on not the state will declare disaster.