The Spring Hill School District announced its 2017 ACT composite scores.  The district composite score was 22.4, which exceeds state and national averages. This year’s average composite score in Kansas is 21.7. High school students who are college-bound take the ACT as a readiness test prior to continuing their education.
Trend Information by School
Insight School of Kansas 2017 – Composite Score: 21.8 (18 students were tested)
Insight School of Kansas 2016 – Composite Score:  18.6 (11 students were tested)
Spring Hill High School 2017 – Composite Score: 22.4  (112 students were tested)
Spring Hill High School 2016 – Composite Score: 23.7  (112 students were tested)
“We continue to work with our students at an early age to prepare them for high achievement on the ACT and in post-secondary education,” says Dr. Karen Brack, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment.
Spring Hill High School offers a semester-long ACT preparation course that helps students maximize their results. All sophomores now take the ACT Aspire test, which helps to identify areas that need to be strengthened prior to taking the official test.