Joan Dorsey
Contributing columnist
Did you hear that noise?
It was the sound of my soap box being pulled from under my desk. It was a little dusty but still sturdy enough to climb up on and express my unhappiness.
There was civil unrest in Charlottesville this past weekend. A group of men who are white supremists held a march/rally. They carried tiki torches instead of rags wrapped around tree branches and set on fire. They didn’t wear white hoods, but their allegiance was I believe the same. A man who allegedly supports these beliefs drove into a crowd of people opposing this rally and killed a woman and injured many others. These are the bare bones of the facts.
Elsewhere statues of generals and other civil war historical people are being removed and desecrated and torn down. I read with much sadness just this morning that the monument to Abraham Lincoln had been defaced last night with graffiti and red paint.
I like history. I like to listen to the people who were there when an event was happening tell the stories.
We learn from history, at least we are supposed to.
History has a purpose. It shows what we got right and what we did wrong, so you don’t do it again.
I lived for a year in a country that had been under the control of a man who was so evil people are still fascinated by him. It was just 30 years after Hitler’s reign of terror when I spent a year in Germany. You could go to the outdoor markets of Heidelberg and see Nazi war memorabilia for sale.
Uniforms, hats things of this nature.
It was a very sobering and scary thing. Some of the buildings we drove past were former holding places of people accused of crimes against this man. I have been told that now in Germany you can’t ask for or find a book on him or any literature on his horrible crimes. It has been removed.
History, even horrible history has been wiped clean.
John Fitzgerald Kennedy once said “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”
Unless you are 100 percent Native American your ancestors came from somewhere else. If your relatives came from the south or south east and had large farms the workers very possibly were not there by their own choosing.
I had a niece who in doing some ancestry research came up with information that was a little hard for her to take. How do you explain to your children a very distant relative had slaves?
Well you tell them it wasn’t right,l and no man should own another and move on with it.
You can’t change it, but you can learn from it.
Also remember when looking back into families, there may be a horse thief or two in every family tree.
I am afraid this new cleansing mindset will see it their duty to take down Mt Rushmore, or even Stone Mountain. I know that when I saw Stone Mountain for the first time I didn’t think to myself, ”Wow I really idolize those guys because I think slavery was awesome.”
I thought wow,”look at the work and labor it took to create this thing from stone.“
Maybe those statues belong in museums rather than in public parks.
But destroying history isn’t the way to move forward. We learn from our mistakes and sometimes we need to be reminded of them, so they don’t happen again.
If you protest don’t lower yourselves to the dirt and become equal to those you disagree with.
Right will prevail.
I’m sliding my soapbox back out of sight now. I hope it will be very dusty the next time I use it. But I am afraid it won’t.