Nate Boyer’s passion for cars had an early start. At only 13 years old, Nate bought a ’59 Volkswagen Beetle with money he’d earned from mowing lawns. With the help of neighbors and friends, he restored the Beetle to its original quality. At 18, Nate had his sights set on starting a restoration business. After being declined many times, he managed to secure a loan and open Kultured Customs — he’s been in business ever since. Kultured Customs has forged a reputation as a top-of-the-line restoration shop whose builds yield over six figures; from immaculate restorations to high-end custom builds, Kultured has moved from humble origins to become an award-winning shop at the forefront of the automotive world. Seeing a need in the market for rentable workspaces, Nate expanded and opened the Dog House community garage. With the Dog House, Nateoffers renters tools, space, and the expertise of the Kultured crew.  In other cases, Nate may also partner with certain builders, trading labor and sometimes parts for a cut of the profits from their flip.  A skilled builder and a bold entrepreneur, Nate is exactly the kind of shepherd this Dog House needs. Photo courtesy of Discovery Channel

Rick Poppitz
Special To The Gardner News
The first episode of a new television series for the Discovery Channel was cause for a premiere party at Tumbleweed Saloon on Sept. 4. The show is called GEAR DOGS. The reason for the local celebration is because the series is shot in Gardner, in a local auto body garage and stars its owner and Gardner resident, Nate Boyer.
Boyer owns and operates Kultured Customs, a local shop that is known nationally for building, restoring, and customizing cars for clients from all over the country.
Boyer moved from Clay Center to Gardner in 2006, to take a job at a local shop. In 2007 he bought the equipment of a closing business and that was the start of Kultured Customs. Since then, the business has earned a reputation as a top notch restoration shop.
His family has grown since Boyer and his wife have been in Gardner too – he has an eight year old boy, a one year old daughter and another daughter on the way.
Two years ago, he expanded into the space next door to establish The Doghouse – a place for people with restoration projects that they haven’t been able to get done themselves. The collaborative effort to restore doghouse members, cars provides the content for the show.
“It’s a community garage where I provide the tools, the equipment, the space and the knowledge of the guys at Kultured. They get to rent a spot in here for a set amount per month and they get to work on their car in here – or if they’re trying to flip a car, I’ll partner up with them on their build, help finance some of the build to get it finished, and then in the end they sell it and we split the profits,” Boyer explained.
Boyer says he doesn’t really know how they heard about him, but one day about two years ago he got a call from Coolfire Studios in St. Louis.
“We spoke for probably two hours over the phone and they were here the next week with cameras and we started rolling,” he said.
First they shot a seven minute ‘sizzle’ – a glimpse of what the show is about, to promote to the networks. Then they waited. After some time, Discovery expressed interest and a pilot episode was produced.
For the past year, cameras have been at The Doghouse nearly every day, 12 hours a day, recording the members; restoration projects.
With the exception of a few more days of shooting this week for the final episode, a full season is edited, finished and scheduled to air. The first episode premiered on Labor Day, Sept. 4, with new episodes scheduled for Mondays at 9 p.m.
GEAR DOGS is produced for Discovery Channel by Coolfire Studios. Jeff Keane, David Johnson, Steve Luebbert, Emi Macuaga and Graham Hughes serve as executive producers. For Discovery Channel, Craig Coffman is executive producer and Todd Lefkowitz is producer.