There are now 840 area residents signed on in objection to the planned construction of a cold storage facility in New Century. The numerous signs along Moonlight Road are easily noticed, and many more have been planted all around the area over the past week. Property owners nearest the site have joined together and filed suit against the county in district court, hoping to halt the construction. Around 40 local homeowners attended the Aug. 17 Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) meeting to express disapproval of the planned construction of a 400,000+ square foot cold storage facility at New Century. Lineage Logistics, LLC, plans to build a 400,000 sq. ft. cold storage food distribution facility just east of Moonlight Road on 159th Street. It will be directly west of the UniLever facility and directly north, across the road from the Johnson County Sheriff’s facility. The primary objection is the storage of a large amount of anhydrous ammonia, used as a refrigerant to cool the warehouse to sub zero temperatures. It’s not the use that is of concern to residents, but the mass amount that will be needed to cool that much space. A fact sheet prepared by Lineage for commissioners says that amount will be 40,000 pounds.