Photo by Jenifer Shelton
Bill Braun, son of Ray Braun who owned Ray’s station from 1948 – 2016, said he had never seen water as high as it was Aug. 28.

“The station never flooded like this before,” Braun said. “When KC had their big flood in 1951 the water did get up to the back steps of the little house but never inside any of the buildings except for the basement under the office building.”

In 2009 FEMA revised flood zone maps and moved the property into the flood plain, Braun said.

“During some of the heavier rains, the north side of the highway would flood because the water had to go under that old bridge,” Braun said. The state raised the highway when the old bridge was replaced a few years ago.

For a short time Aug. 28, flood waters made direct access to Edgerton impossible, and Edgerton City Hall opened two hours later at 10 a.m.

Other residents also had difficulty getting to town.

“It took me about a good hour to find a different way to get to work which is at Spring Hill Veterinary clinic because all the roads were closed, said Alison Shelton, Edgerton. “I finally left my house at 9 didn’t get to work until about 10 till 10.”

Alsion said her parents, David and Jenifer Shelton, own livestock about five minutes from their home, but it took them nearly an hour to get to them to check on their welfare. “They had to take the back roads to Gardner to get back to Edgerton,” she said. No livestock were injured or lost.

City-wide, Edgerton officials say municipal damage to city equipment and property may exceed $2 million.

Photo by Jenifer Shelton