Photo courtesy of Gardner Police Department

Edgerton City Hall opened late at 10 a.m. Aug. 22 following a heavy downpour that resulted in 56 Hwy being closed.
It is estimated about 8 -9 inches of rain fell in the Gardner, Edgerton and Wellsville area.
In Edgerton, Sunflower Rd. and 56 Hwy. were briefly closed. No major accidents or injuries were reported, although at least two individuals had to be removed from their vehicles and taken to higher ground , according to Fire District 1. They had attempted to drive thru the water.
“For a little bit of time, there was no access to Edgerton,” said Ken Phelps, JFD 1 battalion chief.
“It hit us primarily in the south, unincorporated part of the county,” said Paul Nonnast, lieutenant, Johnson County Sheriff’s Department. “There were no significant injuries. There were a number of roads closed.” Several individuals had to be removed from vehicles when they attempted to drive thru flood waters.
No damage was reported to Edgerton City Hall, although public works department buildings were flooded. At press time, damage was still being determined. Beth Linn, city administrator, said an official statement would be made once the assessment was completed.
Water was up about 3 feet at the former Ray’s service station, according to public reports.
A notification update at 10 a.m. Aug. 22 indicated that floodwaters had receded and roads around the city are open. For those with damage from the storm, it is recommended to contact their insurance agent as soon as possible.
Weather notifications also indicated flooding throughout Miami County. There were numerous areas with water over the roadway. “Please do not pass through standing water. City of Hillsdale is very dangerous to enter or leave. Please do not travel unless absolutely necessary,” notifications read.
At 6:30 a.m. Aug 22, the Johnson County emergency notification system indicated “56 Highway is closed. Please use the following route instead: Take West 8th Street (Edgerton Road) south to 207th Street (Braun Street) east to access Sunflower Road south to I-35.”
At press time all roads were opened, although intersections remained closed due to high water. Officials advised drivers not to ignore road closed signs or to drive thru standing water.

Gardner street closings
Access to Gardner’s Walmart was briefly closed due to heavy rains, according to Sgt. Steve Benz, Gardner Police Department.
More than 7 inches of rain fell in the Gardner area Aug. 21, leading to several intersections being closed, including:
183rd and Sumac
175th and Waverly
Santa Fe and Cedar Niles
Flooding at Cedar Niles briefly flooded entrances to Walmart, Benz said. There was no reported damage to the retailer.
In addition, 56 Hwy was closed between Olathe and Gardner and Gardner and Edgerton.
Benz said there were no reported injuries. Most roads are open now.