Joan Dorsey
Contributing Columnist
On the 21st of August a very small swath of Kansas will experience total darkness.
The first total solar eclipse for our state in 90 some years.
I recall an eclipse in the 70’s that was only a partial. I was working at the Venture store at 95th and Metcalf at the time. We snuck out the back door and stood in the parking lot to witness the event. We didn’t have fancy glasses to watch the sun with, so we used sheets of paper with a small hole poked through it. The image projected onto the ground showed the sun being blocked out by the moon. Pretty cheap way to not ruin your eyesight.
I have purchased a pair of glasses for this current event. They were not very expensive. It is pretty startling when you slip them on and everything goes totally black.
I checked the weather app on my phone and it is calling for cloudy skies and chance of rain that day. That sort of figures doesn’t it? I hope the weather man is wrong, but we will have to wait and see.
Something else I have been reading about lately is “adulting.’ Adulting is the name given to some classes given at colleges for young people to learn basic skills needed for living life as an adult.
I remember being a kid and being excited about turning 18, then 20 and finally 21. Then you could legally be an adult.
You could vote and have all sorts of privileges. I guess my folks and most of my friends folks back then were trend setters. They tried to teach us from childhood how to be a grown up and live on our own.
We learned how to cook, do laundry, clean and sew. In high school we learned about checking accounts.
The goal of most of the people my age was to move out and have a place of your own. We were programmed to be self sufficient.
I read all the time younger folks saying they just can’t “adult today.”
Oh how I wish that was an option for me. Really! I would love to lie in bed all day and never get dressed. But it just doesn’t happen.
I am sure my neighbors would notice if I walked my dog in my jammies.
I am embarrassed to leave my house in sweatpants. I would like to have someone get my groceries for me and put gas in my car. Even make sure my bills were paid on time. To me these are all part of the adulting thing.
Apparently some 70 percent of younger folks can’t hard boil an egg or sew a button on a shirt.
What bothered me however was the statement that our schools were failing these people by not teaching them basic skills.
I say their parents need to step up and teach then a few things for survival. Prepare them to leave the nest and fly. I would like to see the schools teach basic tax preparation classes and how to finance car and home purchases.
How to be smart about interest etc.
So on that note. Be an adult when and if the eclipse is visible here. Wear proper glasses to look at the sun. Or look at it indirectly. Mainly be smart and kind, like your folks taught you to be.