Seventeen GEHS alumni participated in the first annual Battle of 56 Highway event Aug. 12 at Santa Fe High School. The event featured several current GEHS coaches and alumni against top alumni from Santa Fe . The event raised money for the Gardner Edgerton kids wrestling club. Photo courtesy of Tyler Cordts

Alumni wrestlers from GEHS and Sante Fe Trail got to wrestle one more time for their school and coaches in the “Battle on 56 Highway” held Aug. 12 at Sante Fe Trail high school.
Approximately 40 wrestlers came out of retirement to wrestle the duel in front of a packed gymnasium. Both teams trained since May to participate in an event that promoted the sport, raised money for their schools, and reconnect with old friends, coaches and teammates.
Many of GEHS and Santa Fe former state placers, multiple state champions and College All Americans participated in the event. Age ranged from 18 to 40 years old.
Current GEHS wrestling coaches Austin Keehn and Kyle Pacheco competed and the meet official was Dan Smith, a current GEHS wrestling official.
Sante Fe won the event, but had to defend a big comeback by GEHS. GEHS won five straight matches late and had a chance to win but came up just short.
Highlighted matches included Austin Keehn with a pin against Colin Koger.
Todd Curtis defeated undefeated state champion Justin Wiscombe. Alden Isenberg defeated Travis McBurney, a multiple state placer.
Kyle Pacheco defeated state champion and College All American Jake Kober.
TJ Stokes came back to win over four time state titlist Jeremy Long. Other winners included Tyler Stokes and Derick Stockton.
“It was a tremendous success,” said GEHS head Coach Tyler Cordts. “It was a great way to get to know GEHS Alumni and history of the program. Plans are underway to repeat the event next year. ”
Proceeds went to the Gardner Edgerton kids wrestling program.