Joan Dorsey
Contributing Columnist
So the summer has gone. Parents are seeing relief in sight when school resumes.
One of the summer block buster movies was Wonder Woman. It seemed to be the perfect film for Mom’s to share with daughters. You know the girl empowerment idea. I haven’t seen this latest super hero film. I was a fan of Linda Carter when she portrayed Wonder Woman back in the day. She could handle herself very well against any sort of villain. I really think I was infatuated with her awesome knee high socks and her headpiece-tiara.
I hope Moms make it clear while Wonder Woman is awesome and very inspiring; she is a woman playing a character in a film. She is an actress. People help her do amazing magical things.
On the other hand this week in Kansas City another young woman came to our town. She doesn’t fight crime, but is a really good role model none the less.
Her name is Misty Copeland. Starting to dance at the age of 13, she has become the 1st African American woman to be the principal dancer in the American Ballet Theatre.
Born in Kansas City MO, then moving to California. Her Mom was a Chief’s cheerleader. She didn’t come from a family with money. Her ambition was ballet. So she danced. She fought injuries, family problems and other things we will never know. She kept dancing.
Look up videos for your daughters or granddaughters. Show them how this real young woman does amazing feats of dance with no wires or computer generated effects. She is a true super hero in my book a Wonder Woman if you will.
So as you are tucking those little ones in bed at night, or at Halloween when they ask to be a super hero. Remind them that some super hero’s are just regular people who decided to go after their dream. They didn’t give up. They asked for and got help along the way. But they never gave up.