We have a lot to be thankful for the past few weeks.
Johnson County was hit by powerful storms recently, and the county commissioners declared it a disaster area due to flooding, trees down and loss of power.
But, Gardner-Edgerton missed most of the storm’s fury. We had heavy rains, lightning and wind, but suffered limited damages, according to officials.
While some parts of the state suffer an economic downturn, construction continues at Edgerton’s intermodal and on the main streets of Gardner as new businesses come to town and familiar companies expand.
Homes and apartments are being built, new school buildings completed, and school will start soon.
On the Johnson County Fairgrounds, hundreds of 4-Hers, fair board members and volunteers have been busy preparing for the annual Fair. Most of us will walk the midway, visit the exhibits and sample the food with nary a thought of the untold hours of work that went into preparation.
We love Gardner and Edgerton.
The Gardner News has been published since at least the 1940’s, covering the ebb and flow of daily life and the ups and downs of political strife.
We’re located here.
Not in another state. We don’t drive in, do a quick story and leave.
We’re right here. And the money spent with The Gardner News stays in this area.
As a newspaper, people don’t always agree with our articles or editorials.
Editorials are not supposed to lip sync popular opinion. Editorials are written to create awareness and open a dialog for discussion.
And thru the years, readers have taken issue with our editorials or articles. Quite a few have come in, shook their fingers at us and told us the error of our ways. Many times we’ve had our eyes opened to “the other side of the story.”
We appreciate the polite, intelligent discourse.
However, more often these days, “debate” takes place behind keyboards on social media and those with the fastest keyboarding skills, and most time and hubris “win.” Facts hop skip around in emotional “gotcha” comments that can be perplexing and disappointing.
The city of Gardner is considering moving their public notices from The Gardner News to a Missouri-based newspaper, in part because some officials don’t like what we write, although “circulation” is their cover.
The Gardner News, in addition to print, has more than 3,500 social media followers. Our website has 20,000 online views.
In addition to appearing in print, and supplying a third party verification, public notices also appear on www.gardnernews.com. It’s important to have public notices authenticated – we all know how easy it is to change something online; in hard copy a written change to be made must be noticeably corrected.
So while the medium for supplying information may be changing from print to electronic, no matter the medium, information is still the key.
As Mark Twain said, the rumors of our death are greatly exaggerated.