Seth Gunkel
Club reporter
The Johnson County 4-H Project Auction is the sweet finish to a 4-H club member learning through a project.
The 4-H projects that are for sale at the auction represent the learning, time, money and effort invested by the individual 4-H club member in the current 4-H year.
The auction gives opportunity to the club members about the process of showmanship and marketing of their project to the public through the auction. Bidders may register at the livestock pavilion for a number to bid on these items. The bidders, who want artwork for their homes/businesses, woodworking furniture, baked goods for their tables, quilts for their college-bound children, etc., will then bid on the project item(s) and the 4-H club member earns his/her wages to invest in the next project, college fund, or other venture that interests them. The Project Auction is held at the Livestock Pavilion at the Johnson County Fair on the Friday of fair week, at approximately 8 p.m.