Joan Dorsey
The bell has sounded, and it seems Sears is going the way of J.C. Penny and so many other stand alone stores.
I really hate to see this happen.
I am not a big fan of the giant malls. The crowds are too much and after a huge amount of walking the chance I didn’t find what I needed is still pretty good.
The Penny’s store in Lawrence was a favorite of mine. They were on the edge of town, had plenty of parking, and their merchandise was a good quality and in stock. I usually left with what I came for and was very happy.
The last time I was in the Sears store, at what was the old Metcalf South Shopping Mall site, I was very disappointed. The clothing wasn’t trendy or current. The appliances were not competitively priced, and the sales clerks weren’t readily available to be of help.
So three strikes and well, probably not going back there. And it’s going to be gone.
What happened? I don’t know? I know fashion wise, you have to employ buyers who know the business and make suitable purchases for the clientele your store attracts.
Home furnishings and appliances must be competitive to big box stores and huge furniture marts.
I would go to a store if they hired good sales reps and floor help. These two lost me a number of years back.
This is sad. From giant wish books arriving in the mail to help with Christmas, to weekly ads in newspapers these companies clothed us, helped us cook our food, cover our windows, sold us beds and sheets and made us feel and look pretty.
Shopping has changed. The majority of older folks don’t have computers and once these stores are gone I am not sure how they will purchase the items they need.
I would much rather click on the local giant online retailer than visit a mall. Two days and I have the item I need on my doorstep.
I suppose that makes me part of the problem of their downfall. But if you don’t try to attract people in my age group you don’t get our money.
Maybe in ten or 15 years it will be trendy to go to a store and actually try on clothes again. I hope so. I also hope they don’t lump them into one location.
They say what goes around come around. Maybe we will see Sears and Penny’s again.