Registration deadline for the August primary is July 12, 2017. Gardner voters will be asked to narrow the list of city council candidates as well as vote on the proposed justice center.
County residents can verify their voting status by checking with the Johnson County Election office, or visiting their website at
The ballot question regarding the city’s proposal to approve issuing $13.7 million in bonds for a new justice center is on the Aug. 1 ballot.
Council members have been discussing a proposed Justice Center to house the police department and municipal court for several years. In 2016, the city purchased 15 acres of land on 167th Street.
The ballot question reads:
Shall the following be adopted?
Shall the City of Gardner, Kansas, issue general obligation bonds in an amount not to exceed $13,725,000 to pay the costs of constructing and equipping a facility on a site owned by the City to be used as a justice center to house police department headquarters, municipal court and other community purposes, together with all things necessary and incidental thereto, all pursuant to the provisions of K.S.A. 10-101 et seq. and K.S.A. 12-1736 et seq
Also on the ballot is a slate of six city council candidates. Voters are asked to vote for two or fewer. Candidates are:
Council Members At-Large (4 Year Term) – Vote for Two or Fewer *** PRIMARY ***
Mark Baldwin; 31115 West 172nd Terrace, Gardner
Michael Blanchard; 360 West Madison Street, Gardner
Terrence J. Flowers; 607 North Poplar, Gardner
Randy Gregorcyk; 620 East Hawthorn Street, Gardner
Shirley Baker Harley; 29609 West 184th Street, Gardner
Jonathan T. Pelkey; 625 West Santa Fe Street, Gardner
Scott Smith; 813 South Cedar Street, Gardner