Edgerton city council, minus Clay Longanecker, in session on June 22, considering the details of another warehouse project at the LPKC industrial park. Photo courtesy of Rick Poppitz

Edgerton city council considered two more LPKC construction projects, an amendment to the LPKC master trust indenture and appointments for city treasurer, city prosecutor, municipal judge and city attorney.

Appointments and a new city attorney
Council considered four mayoral appointments requiring approval by resolution.
Three are re-appointments. All have a term of one year from date of approval.
Irene Eastwood was re-appointed city treasurer; Gerald Merrill re-appointed as city prosecutor; Karen Torline re-appointed as municipal judge and Lee Hendricks is the new city attorney.
Don Roberts, mayor, said the new city attorney, from a firm of six, would help expand the depth of services.
Hendricks, who resides in Lawrence, was present at the meeting and introduced himself.
“The primary focus of the work I do is municipal work. I represent quite a few municipalities and water districts. It’s by far my favorite kind of work, and I really enjoy what comes along with it,” Hendricks said.
Hendricks currently serves as city attorney for the cities of Perry, Meriden, Oskaloosa, Winchester, Ozawakie, Hoyt, Easton and Belvue.
Council approved four of the appointments by resolution No. 06-22-17A, which carried by a 4-0 vote. Clay Longanecker was absent.
Following the appointments, council considered an amendment to ordinance regarding the rate of compensation for the city attorney.
The compensation for city attorney had been $800 per calendar month for specified duties and $175 per hour for other services.
Beth Linn, city administrator, presented staff recommendation to convert city attorney compensation to a straight hourly rate.
“It greatly simplifies the financial tracking and makes it much easier to track, from a staff perspective, and also to budget for it,” Linn said.
“We concur with the recommended $175 per hour and the draft ordinance was actually prepared by the new city attorney,” she told council.
Ordinance No.1055 amends Ordinance No. 1022 to enact the changes to attorney compensation. It was approved by a 4-0 council vote.

Two new warehouse facilities
Council considered an ordinance authorizing industrial revenue bonds for construction of two spec warehouse and distribution buildings to be located at 32180 W. 191st Street.
One building will be 305,000 sq. ft and the other will be 185,000 sq. ft.
Although on the same property and with the same owners, the two projects are separate considerations – each with its own bonds and terms.
“There’s always two actions on these projects at Logistics Park. The first is resolution of intent, and the second is the ordinance when we’re prepared to issue the bonds,” explained Scott Anderson, bond counsel.
In February, council adopted Resolution No. 02-23-17A expressing the intent of the City to issue industrial revenue bonds for these projects and held public hearings. The next step, considered at the meeting, is to approve the issuance of bonds.
“These bonds are not general obligations of the city, you’re not responsible for the payment of debt service on those bonds – instead they’re payable solely from lease payments received under the lease agreement,” said Anderson.
The larger building would issue up to $25,300,000 in Industrial Revenue Bonds and the smaller one would issue $18,300,000 in bonds.
In separate considerations and separate actions, council approved bond issuance for both projects with 4-0 votes.

Master Trust Indenture
The city previously created a Master Trust Indenture to provide for the administration and distribution of funds being held for intermodal and logistics park projects.
The Master Indenture creates various funds and accounts and directs the trustee how to spend money in those funds and accounts.
Edgerton recently authorized an Economic Development Grant Agreement with Spectrum.
The Master Indenture now needs to be amended to create an account for funds to be used to make payments to Spectrum.
The Second Amendment to Master Trust Indenture authorizes the creation of a Spectrum Grant Distribution Fund.
Council approved the amendment to the Master Trust with a 4-0 vote.
Council recessed into executive session with the new city attorney before adjournment. Next Edgerton city council meeting is July 13.