Joan Dorsey
My house is rather quiet after a visit by my daughter. Her busy work schedule and all the other things she is required to do, make her trips to Kansas basically a once a year thing.
We make good use of the time she is here, and this year I didn’t have to share her with the friends she has in Lawrence. I know I am selfish, but I did really enjoy it.
She is my museum buddy, and we tried to go to the Nelson Art Gallery, but it wasn’t open.
You know I love movies, so we decided to take in a movie instead. We also decided to make it a real girls’ afternoon out, and we added my other daughter, Michelle, to the group. Michelle is a daughter in law actually, but she could be, and is, just one of my kids.
After discussion we decided not to go to the scary movie, but to take in Guardians of The Galaxy Volume 2. Christy was in charge of locations and logistics. We would pick up Michelle, and the fun would begin.
First of all, the backseat of a 05 Mustang isn’t the easiest place to remove an over 60 Mom from. But with much seat movement and contortions on my part I dislodged myself with as much grace as could be expected. The car wasn’t really intended for transporting people in the back seat…. . . . . But back to the movie.
The theatre of our choice was in the newer part of Overland Park. It was a really nice location and not too far. We were going to a mid afternoon show and cutting it pretty close to show time.
I have to admit, one of my movie traditions is taking my own small snack and water in my hugely oversized purse. Is this right? Probably not.
Once in the lobby the young lady at the counter handed us a seating chart and wanted us to choose where we sat. Ok this was a little different, but ok…So we chose. I wanted on the end because sometimes you have to leave the theatre for a break.
We all gasped a bit at the price of the tickets, but again movies are expensive. I even tried the old “I am a senior. do I get a discount?” no money off, but I have a ticket that says senior on the stub.
We enter the theatre and find our seats. Well not trying to look like a country bumpkin — I am a little shocked to see oversized chairs with pillows and even footstools. Of course we have swing away tables for snacks. We also have servers who come and take our orders from a lovely, if overpriced menu. I cautiously bring out my water and cashews. No problems that I can see.
I decided to visit the ladies room while the previews were on and had a nice young person walk me to the private restroom. Not sure if I looked feeble or just premium service?
The movie was awesome. Sound system fantastic, and there were maybe 30 people in our small theatre. I later learned we had been to a movie that had parlor seating.
As we were leaving, trying to fit in with the younger ladies, I mentioned I hadn’t ever been to a place like this one. The other two turned giggled and said they hadn’t either.
While I was trying to fit in, not be self conscious, so were my girls.
We had a good laugh, decided this would be a great place for an occasional splurge or date night.
I was so glad we all went to the movies. We laughed and joked and made memories. They will have to last probably another year, but what a good time we had.