The porta potty saga continues.
The public restrooms at Gardner Municipal Airport were shut down due to septic system problems. Gardner staff estimates it will cost (conservatively) $135,000 to connect to the city’s sewer.
Because it is an unfunded project, a timeline to reopen the public restrooms has not been set.
It’s interesting GMA is the only known facility in Gardner that does not have a flushable toilet.
In fact, the city seems to be out of compliance with their own plumbing code, which requires facilities with flushable toilets be kept in repair and maintained. We don’t believe a porta potty is flushable.
It’s a shame one of the first things GMA pilots and an estimated 26,000 visitors see is the lone porta potty, standing like a welcoming sentinel to Gardner.
There’s no excuse for not repairing the GMA’s bathroom.
We know the city doesn’t want a septic system – we understand. But there has been a septic at that site for decades, and a flushable toilet.
To not repair/replace the failing septic system is not only a blight, but a violation of city code.
We’re pretty sure if officials contacted a plumber, old lateral lines could be repaired, the septic tank replaced or — install an underground holding tank until a proper city sewer can be connected.
Until then, the manure just keeps stacking higher.