Seth Gunkel
Club Reporter
The Comet Tech Junior Leaders, Seth, Zach, Spenser and Matt presented a demonstration on Newton’s Three Laws of Motion at the county extension office on May 13th. The junior leaders started learning the three laws of motion and the forces that resist motion last fall. Over the winter, they made three small wood boats of the same size with different propulsions to test the laws. The propulsions included kinetic energy, steam and air powered. As the boats powered down a water filled gutter, they explained how the laws applied to the motion of the boats in water. After the demonstration, the junior leaders let the children play with the boats and ask questions about Sir Issac Newton. This effort was made to introduce 4-H and technology to the community and many visitors and a club exchange attended. The demonstration was followed by a special speaker, Chris, on Fanuc Robots. He showed a film on these robots in the workplace, how they worked and talked to the club members and visitors about the importance of looking into robotics and programming for a future job.