Rick Poppitz
Special to The Gardner News
Edgerton city council held their scheduled meeting on June 8, followed by a budget work session. Representatives from United Community Services, Gardner Edgerton Chamber of Commerce and ElevateEdgerton! attended at the council meeting to present 2018 budget requests.

United Community  Services
The meeting began with a proclamation recognizing the 50th anniversary of United Community Services (UCS). The proclamation states that the city of Edgerton “proudly recognizes and commends UCS for outstanding service to the Johnson County Community” and this 50th anniversary recognition is presented “with the sincere gratitude and appreciation of the people of Edgerton and best wishes for future success.”
Speaking to the UCS representative present, Don Roberts, mayor, said, “We really appreciate what you do, and I know, through Council of Mayors, that every city is appreciative of what happens through this organization, to support the residents of the county.”
After the proclamation, council considered a 2018 budget request for Human Service Fund.
Julie Brewer, UCS executive director, gave a presentation to council summarizing the work of the organization.
“In 2016 those programs were able to reach out and touch over 57,000 residents in Johnson County,” Brewer said.
She noted that it’s been two years since UCS has asked for an increase in funding.
“When state and federal funding changes or diminishes around health and human services – that doesn’t change the need. It just changed how we can help and work together to respond,”she said.
Ron Conus, council member, asked if there are numbers on how many Edgerton people were involved. Brewer said at least 320 people were “touched” by one of 13 programs.
UCS requested $1800 in funding from the city for 2018.
The funding request was approved with a 5-0 council vote.

Chamber of Commerce
Jason Camis, Gardner Edgerton Chamber of Commerce president, presented council with the chamber’s 2018 annual budget request.
In 2017 the city approved $5,000. The 2018 request is for the same amount.
The agenda packet included the chamber’s 2018 work plan and an agreement outlining services and terms of the partnership.
“Our intent is to keep things moving in the direction we’re going,” said Camis, “… a lot of the stuff we’re doing – our numbers are growing, people are excited. We’ve got some good partnerships going with some Logistics Park businesses.”
A portion of the funds will be used to publish and distribute a promotional magazine.
Camis said the chamber aims for more than the traditional business directory.
“Our idea is to make this more of a magazine, to tell more of the story of our communities, the story of the people in the community, the story of the businesses,” he said.
Roberts, asked how it would be distributed.
Camis said it would go to every household and business in Gardner and Edgerton.
That mailing list requires about 9,300 copies. Camis said they would order up to 12,000, to have extras to send to business prospects, etc.
Council approved the request for $5,000 to GECOC with a 5-0 vote. The funds will come from the General Fund.

Steve Hale, ElevateEdgerton! president, presented the organization’s 2018 budget request.
Hale noted the organization was only three months in and was still “getting legs underneath it,” but there were already good things to report.
“I think we’re well positioned to continue to make good things happen in Edgerton,” said Hale.
Hale said an ElevateEdgerton! HR Roundtable has been created and would be meeting regularly.
This is a board of Human Resource directors from companies at LPKC. Hale said the first meeting is scheduled next week and at present there are 13 HR directors signed on.
Hale also discussed the topic of transit.
He said he was hopeful that new bus routes will soon be approved by metro authorities.
They would run twice a day between downtown KC and LPKC, and coincide with some companies shift changes.
Hale said in the future, there may be “Mobility Hubs” constructed.
A Mobility Hub was described as a place for large buses to park, with food and retail nearby. From there, smaller shuttles would run to and from specific businesses.
Hale said a lot of people employed at LPKC businesses were coming from the south and west, and ways of improving access for them were being kept in mind as well.
ElevateEdgerton! received $50,000 in 2017 and requested the same amount for 2018.
Council approved with a 5-0 vote.

Fire District #1
Several members of Fire District 1 were present at the meeting. Dennis Meyers, assistant fire chief, detailed a new fee structure the district is introducing.
The new fee structure is for new development only. It does not apply to four-plex or under residential development.
The district has the authority to charge fees for services. Attending the council meeting was similar to a previous appearance before Gardner council; a courtesy from the district to the cities, to explain what they want to do and why, and provide opportunity for feedback.

Other items
Council approved an agreement for easements in the sidewalk construction project. The easements are the last necessary to complete the project.
Council approved a supplemental agreement for installation of a traffic signal at 191st and Waverly.
Council agreed that if the celebration event on July 3 is rained out, it will not be rescheduled. Instead, it will be replaced with another event in the fall.