Rick Poppitz
Special to The Gardner News
Edgerton city council met on May 25 to consider improvement projects for city streets and water lines, a downtown revitalization plan and the LPKC Sewer Master Plan.

Nelson Street Road construction
Council considered granting concurrence to bid the 2017 CARS project on Nelson Street at the railroad tracks.
On May 12, council approved Resolution No. 05-12-16C supporting new construction of East Nelson Street.
The project will reconstruct 115 feet of Nelson Street roadway east of the railroad crossing and on the west side of the tracks to 5th Street, with concrete pavement, curb and gutter.
The west side also reconstructs the intersection of 5th and Nelson, which includes the roadway and ADA compliant pedestrian access and crossings.
A new section of sidewalk will run on the south side of Nelson from 5th to the tracks.
The total project cost is estimated at $244,500. The County Assistance Road Project (CARS) will provide $97,800. The city’s portion of the cost, $146,700, is funded in the approved 2017 budget from the Capitol Improvement Project Fund.
Since the project crosses the railroad tracks, construction plans must be submitted to BNSF for review and approval. Staff has done that and anticipates response within three weeks.
Staff recommends going ahead and starting the bid process while awaiting approval from BNSF.
Council voted 4-0 to approve granting concurrence to bid. Cindy Crooks, council member, was absent.

2017 Asphalt Overlay program
Council considered concurrence to bid the 2017 overlay program.
Council allocated $150,000 in funding for street maintenance for 2017 as part of a five year street maintenance program.
Staff and the city engineer have done an evaluation of the current condition of Edgerton’s road network and used that evaluation to prioritize which streets to start on.
Trey Whitaker, public works superintendent, presented the staff conclusions.
“Streets that we put into the project that are in the basic bid will be Hulett, McCarty, Martin and McDonald. Then we branch off and get the alternate four – Rankin, Meriwood, 3rd and 4th,” said Whitaker.
Public works staff will perform street preparation work in advance of the contractor and will reshape storm water drainage ditches as necessary.
Council approved with a 4-0 vote. Advertisement for bids go out on May 30 with bid opening date of June 27.

Nelson Street water line
In September of 2016 the city was awarded a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) from Johnson County in the amount of $170,000 for the construction of water line replacement on Nelson Street.
To receive the CDBG funds, the project must be completed before the end of 2017.
CDBG funds can only be used to pay for construction. Staff recommends that cost of design, inspection and any other remaining costs are to be paid from the city Water System Development Fund.
Council approved to bid the Nelson Street Waterline Project with a 4-0 vote.
The city will advertise for bids in June, open bidding and award contract in July. Construction should begin by early August with substantial completion expected by October.

Downtown Edgerton plan
A goal of the city’s Comprehensive Plan is to study how to maintain and revitalize civic and business functions of downtown Edgerton and improve the appearance of buildings and streetscape.
The city submitted a project proposal to Mid America Regional Council (MARC) and was chosen to receive funding through the Planning Sustainable Places Program.
The MARC program will provide $60,000 for the creation of the Downtown Edgerton Plan and the city will contribute $20,000.
A key priority is to establish a consistent design approach to promote efficiency, functionality, safety and define a unique and distinctive sense of place.
Kenneth Cook, community development director, presented staff recommendation to approve written agreement to participate in the Planning Sustainable Places program.
“Mid America Regional Council does require an agreement to be in place with the communities they work with to describe what each entities responsibility is. Before you today is a copy of that agreement by MARC,” said Cook.
Council approved the agreement with a 4-0 vote.

LPKC Sewer Master plan
An updated version of the LPKC Sewer Master Plan was reviewed with council.
The presentation outlined three options to provide service to the Widmer property with a summary of the pros/cons and cost estimates for each option.
The option recommended by staff has a probable cost of $2,951,038.
That option adds one lift station, extends service to the Shelton property and will not hold up any street construction projects.
“The financing source for these projects […] is not funded by taxpayers, it’s completely driven by development property,” said Beth Linn, city administrator.
Tonight council granted concurrence to allow North Point to move forward with the Widmer design in order to meet timelines while waiting for final master plan approval.
The final version of the master plan will be prepared in the coming weeks by city staff and developers, to be presented to council for consideration at a future meeting.