Population growth caused an imbalance in USD 231’s voting district boundaries. The district is comprised of seven school board members: two from each of the three established board member districts, and one at-large member.
At the May 15 board meeting, members approved a realignment, as required by statute, that increased District 1 by 179 people; increased District 2 by 213 people; and decreased District 3: by 392 people.
School board members serve four-year terms and come up for election on a rotating basis. Positions up for election this fall are positions 4, 5 and 6.
The Johnson County Election Office informed district officials that boundaries were out of compliance on April 17 as they split voting precincts and/or did not follow census blocks, according to Rob Schwarz. “As this was an inadvertent error which apparently occurred during the October 2014 changes, we immediately contacted legal counsel and our demographer (RSP) to solicit updated and appropriate board member district boundaries, including a detailed map and legal description. Per statute, these documents were due to Miami and Johnson Counties by May 1, 2017, and were submitted appropriately,” Schwarz said.
Board members are: Rob Shippy, district 2 (2017); Mary Nelson, district 1 (2017); Tresa Boden, district 3 (2019); Brad Chandler, district 3 (2017); Greg Chapman, district 2, (2019); Kristen Schultz, district 1, (2019); and Robin Strentz, at large, (2019).
Candidate filing deadline for the Fall elections is noon June 1.